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U.S. Representatives send letter to Bukele about the attacks to the press / Representantes de los Estados Unidos envían carta a Bukele por los ataques a la prensa

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Democratic members of the House of Representatives and the Senate of the United States, led by the chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affair, Eliot L. Engel, released, this Thursday, September 10, a letter in which they express their “deep concern regarding (the Salvadoran) government’s increased hostility towards independent and […]

Bukele seeking to change the constitution of El Salvador

EFE and La Prensa Grafica report that president Nayib Bukele has designated Vice-president Félix Ulloa to study and coordinate proposals to reform the Constitution of El Salvador.   The appointment appears registered in the Official Gazette, dated September 1, 2020 and is posted on the institution’s website under agreement 295. According to what is read, […]

U.N. Special Rapporteur: “It is unacceptable for the President to threaten magistrates”

(EN ESPAÑOL AQUI)   The United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers, Diego García-Sayán, considered unacceptable and worrying the words of President Nayib Bukele, who assured that if he were a dictator he would “shoot (the magistrates of the Constitutional Chamber) or something like that”. On his broadcast on August 9, […]

El Faro: Bukele threatens journalism

El Faro has published an editorial regarding president Bukele’s confrontation with independent and critical media. El Salvador celebrates the day of the journalist on August 31st.   Since rising to power, Bukele has created an alternate reality where he is the sole defender of the people against those he calls “the same as usual”, a […]

Human Rights Office on stranded and deportations / Tutela Legal sobre varados y deportados

Diario Co-Latino reports: The Human Rights Office “Dra. María Julia Hernández ”denounced the serious Human Rights violations suffered by Salvadorans, who in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, are transported without sanitary control and under inhumane conditions, especially those deported from the United States and Mexico. “We want to express our concern for migrants who […]

Municipalities start taking actions to respond to COVID

Diario El Mundo reports: San Miguel, La Unión and Sensuntepeque (Cabañas) have closed their municipal markets and other businesses installed in the commercial areas of those three departmental capitals. Sonsonate and San Francisco Gotera (Morazan) would be taking new actions in the next few hours. The mayor of Sonsonate, Roberto Aquino, announced on his official […]

Officials reportedly selling masks to the Salvadoran government

On Saturday, June 20, President Nayib Bukele reported the destitution of Jorge “Koky” Aguilar, the president of the Environmental Fund of El Salvador (FONAES). An article published by Cecibel Romero had previously revealed that his company INSEMA had been awarded a $250,000 dollars contract with the Ministry of Health to provide protection masks amid the […]

Union of Health workers denounce abuses from the Venezuelan team advising Nayib Bukele

The Constitutional Chamber of El Salvador ruled that president Bukele’s latest decree was unconstitutional and that he needed to negotiate with the Legislative Assembly to extend the lockdown that started on March 21st, Yesterday (June 10th), the president went on a Twitter rant against this decision and even against the organizations asking the District Attorney’s […]

No report about the IMF loan to El Salvador

El Faro has reported how the Salvadoran government never really listened to the Emergency Fund Committee before taking any economic action, which led to the civilian members’ resignation. Besides not knowing how 100,000 beneficiaries of the $300 donations were selected, another worrisome detail is the fact that the group did not participate in asking (and […]

U.S State Department’s assessment of El Salvador

El Diario de Hoy had access to a U.S. State Department report that certifies that El Salvador is subject to receive cooperation from the United States for meeting certain criteria. However, it makes harsh accusations to the Nayib Bukele government for weakening democracy, the rule of law and institutionality. “The administration of the President of […]