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Impacts of Covid-19 Pandemic on Salvadoran Organized Women

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   National members of U.S-El Salvador Sister Cities Network have been part of the Movimientos de Mujeres, which is a movement in solidarity to deal with the struggles of the women’s organizations; these organizations are in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean countries in effort to resist repression and extractivism […]

CCR has been able to help thanks to your support

Your donation to our on-going fundraiser has enabled the CCR team to help various communities in Chalatenango. Alongside the community boards with which they work, the CCR identified the most vulnerable people who have now received a hygiene and food kit. In San José Las Flores, help was given after 86 days of quarantine had […]

Red alert in El Salvador due to tropical storm Amanda

El Salvador was already suffering due to restrictions implemented due to the covid19 pandemic and now tropical Storm Amanda (formerly known as “2E”) is hitting the country. Government has officially declared “Red alert“. We’ll be updating with information from the CRIPDES regions. … UPDATE FROM SAN VICENTE (JUNE 2) Our friends from the organic farming […]

Update from our friends from MOPAO

The restrictions during the COVID19 pandemic are also affecting small farmers such as our friend in the Popular Movement of Organic Agriculture (MOPAO) in Tecoluca. They inform us that people over there are dealing with their own gardens and that they have organized a small market at “Radio Tehuacán” to sell some of their products. […]

Supporting Guajoyo

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Last march, the delegation from Austin visited Guajoyo and ran into their annual sad tradition: fighting wildfires. Guajoyo and the neighbor communities got together to fight it without a quick response from firefighters, the municipality of Tecoluca or the Government’s office of civil protection.     This is a reality they […]

The beginnings of El Charcon

(EN ESPAÑOL AQUI)   On June 2016, Paulina Dominguez, community leader, shared the history of how the community of El Charcon started, its relationship with CRIPDES and their link with their sistered committee in Binghamton. Some parts have been edited for clarity.   The family started with families that were fleeing from the war that […]

Los inicios organizativos de El Charcón

Paulina Domínguez, lideresa comunitaria, compartió en junio de 2016 los inicios de la comunidad El Charcón, su relación con CRIPDES y el vínculo con el hermanamiento de Binghamton. Se han editado algunas partes para mayor claridad.   La comunidad nació de familias que venían huyendo del conflicto armado que se dio en el año 1980, […]

Embroidery in Arcatao / Bordados en Arcatao

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   A founding member of the embroidery cooperative of Arcatao shared how their work started: The embroidery workshop was born in 1988, in view of a need that we women had, as we were emerging from a cruel war, of much poverty. We didn’t even have to buy a pound (of) salt […]

Empowerment and Autonomy of Women in Rural Communities of La Libertad

(ABAJO EN ESPAÑOL)   CRIPDES Sur has done great work promoting women empowerment and autonomy through the Savings and Loans groups for women. This project for rural women started back in 2014 with the financial support of OXFAM. In La Libertad, CRIPDES, in coordination with FECORACEN have joined efforts to form a Women´s Network of […]

Complex Trauma, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and the El Salvador Mental Health Project

On May 6th, Clare Norelle will join Ian Davies and Marc Rosenthal’s COR II class on El Salvador.   Clare Norelle is a bilingual yoga teacher who offers Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY), an evidence-based adjunct treatment for complex trauma, to Medicaid clients in Dane County. She is also helping to develop the El Salvador […]