Who We Are

US-El Salvador Sister Cities is a grassroots network of people who believe in working together for social justice. We started with committees in dozens of cities throughout the United States, each of which was directly partnered with a community in El Salvador. As our work and context shift over time, many of these committees have remained constant, and now we are excited to also have many National Members who are not part of a committee, but who nonetheless participate in the network in a variety of ways. Since the beginning, we have partnered with the largest organization of rural communities in El Salvador, CRIPDES. We believe that supporting our local partner is essential to our solidarity model, and that we can make the greatest impact by joining together with our Salvadoran sisters and brothers in the work they are already doing.  Because we are a grassroots organization, we have a small staff and an all-volunteer Board of Directors, and most work is carried out by committees and National Members.