Mozote trial slowly continues

ARPAS is one of the few outlets still reporting about the on-going trial against militars involved in the massacre of El Mozote. They report: Private prosecutors state that a specialist proposed by the defense of the military to inspect files “has links with the accused”. In the Examining Court of San Francisco Gotera (Department of […]

Salvadoran Government do not show up to the Legislative Assembly to explain their request for another quarantine

On Monday, 265 new cases of COVID were reported in El Salvador. The Salvadoran Government is asking for another quarantine, but the Legislative Assembly is asking for more information after several reports of dubious purchases made during the previous lockdown and to make sure such initiative will comply this time with the ruling of the […]

Officials reportedly selling masks to the Salvadoran government

On Saturday, June 20, President Nayib Bukele reported the destitution of Jorge “Koky” Aguilar, the president of the Environmental Fund of El Salvador (FONAES). An article published by Cecibel Romero had previously revealed that his company INSEMA had been awarded a $250,000 dollars contract with the Ministry of Health to provide protection masks amid the […]

More U.S. funds proposed to “decrease irregular immigration”

(ORIGINAL EN ESPAÑOL AQUÍ)   The U.S. Government notified Congress that it plans to include El Salvador in an additional aid package for $252 million, which also includes Guatemala and Honduras, with funds that will help boost their economies amid the pandemic of COVID-19. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced today in a press release […]

Jocelyn Abarca: two years after femicide, the culprit has not been sentenced

Víctor David Castillo Campos, AKA “Piojo”, prosecuted for the aggravated femicide of police officer Carla Ayala, as an accomplice, obtained the benefit of house arrest since the period of provisional detention without a firm sentence can’t be longer than two years. Because of that, women’s organizations and the Human Rights Office are afraid there might […]

Our 2020 Virtual Spring board meeting

Last weekend we held our spring Board Meeting with the great facilitation of former staff member, Cori Ring.   These are some highlights we are sharing with you:   Plans for development of Sister Cities Inclusion of translation at all meetings and events to increase the accessibility of the organization.  Increased coordination with other social […]

CCR has been able to help thanks to your support

Your donation to our on-going fundraiser has enabled the CCR team to help various communities in Chalatenango. Alongside the community boards with which they work, the CCR identified the most vulnerable people who have now received a hygiene and food kit. In San José Las Flores, help was given after 86 days of quarantine had […]

The people you have helped in San Vicente

This is another report for you. To let you know which families have received food and hygiene supplies from CRIPDES San Vicente. As you know, the regional works alongside the community boards who, in turn, identify those in more vulnerable situation and those who have not received any kind of support before, despite what might be […]

Union of Health workers denounce abuses from the Venezuelan team advising Nayib Bukele

The Constitutional Chamber of El Salvador ruled that president Bukele’s latest decree was unconstitutional and that he needed to negotiate with the Legislative Assembly to extend the lockdown that started on March 21st, Yesterday (June 10th), the president went on a Twitter rant against this decision and even against the organizations asking the District Attorney’s […]

15 dead and 143 people sick of COVID19 in a nursing home in El Salvador

(NOTICIA EN ESPAÑOL AQUI)   Out of the 220 older adults in the Sara Zaldívar nursing home, which is part of the care centers of the Salvadoran Institute for Comprehensive Rehabilitation (ISRI), 111 have been infected with Covid-19. This number represents 50% of the older adult population. In addition, 32 center employees have tested positive […]