Mozote files – Defense Minister says they will not comply with a judicial order that, according to him, has no legal basis

FACTUM reports: The Minister of National Defense, Francis Merino Monroy, asked the magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice to stop the inspection of military archives scheduled for next Monday, September 21, as part of the proceedings ordered by a judge in the criminal case for the massacre that occurred in El Mozote in 1981. […]

Presidency’s legal advisor Conan Castro dismisses letter written by members of U.S. Congress

Estamos hablando de diez u once que fueron los que firmaron de trescientos ochenta y tantos que son los senadores en Estados Unidos. No representan ni siquiera el cinco por ciento de ellos. Esto quiere decir que no es unánime, que no es una visión que tenga realmente el gobierno de los Estados Unidos, sino […]

Orlando Montano convicted

(EN ESPAÑOL AQUÍ) The National Court in Spain has sentenced former Colonel Inocente Orlando Montano to 134 years in prison for ordering the murder of six Jesuits in El Salvador. It has been 31 years since the massacre took place on November 16, 1989, when several troops of the Army of El Salvador machine-gunned six […]

U.S. Representatives send letter to Bukele about the attacks to the press / Representantes de los Estados Unidos envían carta a Bukele por los ataques a la prensa

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Democratic members of the House of Representatives and the Senate of the United States, led by the chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affair, Eliot L. Engel, released, this Thursday, September 10, a letter in which they express their “deep concern regarding (the Salvadoran) government’s increased hostility towards independent and […]

Bukele seeking to change the constitution of El Salvador

EFE and La Prensa Grafica report that president Nayib Bukele has designated Vice-president Félix Ulloa to study and coordinate proposals to reform the Constitution of El Salvador.   The appointment appears registered in the Official Gazette, dated September 1, 2020 and is posted on the institution’s website under agreement 295. According to what is read, […]

Impacts of Covid-19 Pandemic on Salvadoran Organized Women

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   National members of U.S-El Salvador Sister Cities Network have been part of the Movimientos de Mujeres, which is a movement in solidarity to deal with the struggles of the women’s organizations; these organizations are in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean countries in effort to resist repression and extractivism […]

Zoom update – September 16

The U.S.-El Salvador Sister Cities Network (USESSC) is happy to organize a zoom update alongside our friends from the association PROVIDA to provide the latest information on the health situation and challenges in El Salvador.   OUR GUEST SPEAKERS Karen Ramírez and Rudecinda Orellana, from PROVIDA. PROVIDA is a humanitarian association that promotes participatory processes […]

Open Letter to the Salvadoran Government asking them to sign the Escazu agreement

The Escazú Agreement, a watershed 2018 United Nations environmental treaty for Latin America and the Caribbean, could mark a dramatic shift in environmental policy for Central America. Despite the deepening climate change-related degradation of the country’s environment and violence against the environmentalists who come to its defense, though, the Bukele administration hasn’t publicly expressed its […]

Will the military files be opened? Latest developments on “El Mozote” trial

EL FARO reports:   The presidency of Nayib Bukele told Judge Jorge Guzmán, who reopened and has promoted the investigation of the El Mozote massacre (1981), that “there are secret military plans that cannot be revealed by the Ministry of Defense” because the Armed Forces protect “superior assets of a collective nature, such as national […]

USESSC Accountability / Nuestra rendición de cuentas

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Thanks to the donations made to our fundraising due to the COVID crisis and tropical storms Amanda and Cristóbal, The U.S.- El Salvador Sister Cities Network was able to raise 19,763 dollars that have been used for the organization and delivery of food kits to communities affected in the five CRIPDES […]