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Reflection on Popular Education, Compassion, and Learning // Reflexión sobre la educación popular, compasión y aprendizaje

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Lily Herakova wrote a version of this reflection in an email to the popular education working group. We found her ideas insightful. Her thought process applies popular education ideology, what she learned in El Salvador, as well as her current realities and experiences to the challenges we are currently facing. We […]

Linking youth /Nuevos lazos entre la juventud

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   During our 2019 delegation focused on migration, participants had the opportunity to visit the Santa Marta community in San Vicente. There, SOA Watch participants Patricia Rodriguez and Beth Harris told youth about the continental summit SOMOS ABYA YALA that was being planned for December. Thanks to this link, Douglas Cruz could […]

A visitor from Bangor / Una visitante de Bangor

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Last december, the Bangor committee (sistered with Carasque) brought a delegation and one of its participants shares her perspective from the trip with us:   I traveled to El Salvador in December, 2019 with a Sister Cities delegation. This was my first trip to the country and my first trip with […]

When we met with COFAMIDE / Cuando nos reunimos con COFAMIDE

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   One of the scheduled activities with our migration delegation was meeting with Santos Paulino and Cleotilde Ramirez, from COFAMIDE, also with Alejandra Bonilla, a psychologist supporting them. COFAMIDE is the Committee of relatives of disappeared migrants. It started as an organization of those who did not know the whereabouts of their […]

La delegación de Ciudades Hermanas se pronuncia ante el fenómeno de la migración centroamericana hacia los Estados Unidos

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO) Our latest delegation spoke to the press about the current situation salvadoran migrants are facing in the United States: Through our meetings with community organizers and a visit with a rural farming community, we have seen the role that U.S. policies have played in the political, economic and social landscape of El […]

Aguacaliente: “In the land of Bird and Flower”

By Judy Brubaker  I’m in a small village in El Salvador with 3 friends through a Sister city program between here and Concord, New Hampshire.   We were lucky to be here on the one day of the year that 3 women’s credit groups were meeting to have the women pay back their loans. Many […]

Guajoyo by Gustavo / Guajoyo por Gustavo

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Last weekend the Austin committee visited its sister comunity, Guajoyo, in San Vicente. There we had an exchange with two members of the community Santa Monica, organized by CRIPDES regional office in San Vicente, to learn about their experience with water projects and handling its scarcity. New visitors got to meet […]

Update on Las Anonas /Actualización de Las Anonas

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO) At the beginning of 2019, a group of representatives from Naya Global Health, formerly HDCP, visited the community of Las Anonas (sistered with Philadelphia) and started to learn more about kidney disease that for many years has been affecting many residents of the area. They learnt about the direct connection with the […]

Edgewood Delegation / La delegación de Edgewood (2019)

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   From January 9th to January 20th, a delegation of students from Edgewood College visited El Salvador as a way to understand more of the themes already discussed in their class led by Ian Davies and Marc Rosenthal, from the Madison-Arcatao Sister Citiy Project. Most of the participants are studying to become […]

Robin Harris: My experience on the popular education workshop / Mi experiencia en el taller de educación popular

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   For a week, we were not the experts. For a week, we silenced our cultural biases and opened our hearts, listening to Salvadoran experiences, Salvadoran pain, Salvadoran justice and healing. My experience during the Popular Education School was transformational, and I emerged from the week energized, motivated, and ready to take […]