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Gatoencerrado reports that Ministry of Health purchased boots from the Minister’s relatives

Gato Encerrado reports: On April 17, Minister of Health Francisco Alabí authorized and purchased rubber boots for medical personnel for $225,000. The purchase order number 133/2020 show the signature of Alabí and Celina Quiñonez. She is president and legal representative of Autodo S.A de C.V., a company dedicated to selling spare parts. Celina is also […]

Municipalities start taking actions to respond to COVID

Diario El Mundo reports: San Miguel, La Unión and Sensuntepeque (Cabañas) have closed their municipal markets and other businesses installed in the commercial areas of those three departmental capitals. Sonsonate and San Francisco Gotera (Morazan) would be taking new actions in the next few hours. The mayor of Sonsonate, Roberto Aquino, announced on his official […]

More U.S. funds proposed to “decrease irregular immigration”

(ORIGINAL EN ESPAÑOL AQUÍ)   The U.S. Government notified Congress that it plans to include El Salvador in an additional aid package for $252 million, which also includes Guatemala and Honduras, with funds that will help boost their economies amid the pandemic of COVID-19. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced today in a press release […]

Family discovers his relative’s corpse was handcuffed and showed signs of torture

(ORIGINAL EN ESPAÑOL AQUI)   His name was Luis Iván Mejía Bonilla, he was 30 years old, and he was the father of a girl. His relatives, some of them living in the USA, were told by (salvadoran) authorities that they should go to the Santa Teresa Hospital. However, upon arrival, they were told the […]

UCA and other organizations resign from the Emergency fund created by Salvadoran Government

The Central American University (UCA) and four other institutions resigned from the Committee of the Emergency Fund, Recovery and Economic Reconstruction by COVID-19 set up by the Salvadoran Government. (X)   The National Association of Private Enterprise (ANEP), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of El Salvador; the Salvadoran Foundation for Economic and Social Development […]

Marianella update 12-5-20 (COVID19)

Melvin Menjivar, from the Marianella community shares a community update:   He says that most people are emotionally exhausted due to the lockdown. “Keeping a very similar daily routine is tough but people are doing their best effort”. When people get frustrated and wish to go visiting others, they are reminded that the goverment prohibits […]

Actualización UCRES / Update – May 5,2020 (COVID 19)

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   CRIPDES regional in Aguilares, UCRES has also responded to the pandemic. Its team has mobilized to deliver more modest baskets to 1000 families from the communities where they work. This has been funded by ENTRE PUEBLOS, AIETI and UCRES itself. The president of the regional, Felicia Mijango, tells us that communities are […]

32 new cases of COVID19 in El Salvador

(SOURCE)   The results of the coronavirus tests have shown an increase of 44% in the last four days, according to data published by the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele. In a new update, on the night of Tuesday, April 28, the president revealed 32 new cases of coronavirus, reaching 377 confirmed cases. Last […]

How Carlos Henriquez got COVID19 on a containment center in El Salvador

El Faro is publishing the story of Carlos Henríquez, who caught COVID19 after being sent to “The Olympic Village” (Villa Olimpica), a containment center run by the government. The Ministry of Health tweeted wrong facts about his death a few days ago. The original article written by Carlos Dada in Spanish can (and should) be […]

FACTUM. Analysis of the murders spike during the pandemic

Violence has increased once again in El Salvador. On Friday, 22 homicides were reported on Friday and president Bukele ordered lockdown of prisons on Twitter. Since Friday, “the murder of no less than 40 people can be confirmed”, reported La Prensa Gráfica.   FACTUM published the following analysis of the situation: This Friday, April 24, […]