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Human Rights Office on stranded and deportations / Tutela Legal sobre varados y deportados

Diario Co-Latino reports: The Human Rights Office “Dra. María Julia Hernández ”denounced the serious Human Rights violations suffered by Salvadorans, who in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, are transported without sanitary control and under inhumane conditions, especially those deported from the United States and Mexico. “We want to express our concern for migrants who […]

More U.S. funds proposed to “decrease irregular immigration”

(ORIGINAL EN ESPAÑOL AQUÍ)   The U.S. Government notified Congress that it plans to include El Salvador in an additional aid package for $252 million, which also includes Guatemala and Honduras, with funds that will help boost their economies amid the pandemic of COVID-19. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced today in a press release […]

U.S State Department’s assessment of El Salvador

El Diario de Hoy had access to a U.S. State Department report that certifies that El Salvador is subject to receive cooperation from the United States for meeting certain criteria. However, it makes harsh accusations to the Nayib Bukele government for weakening democracy, the rule of law and institutionality. “The administration of the President of […]

Our friends from Bangor write about migration

Joan Ellis and Dennis Chinoy, from the Bangor Committee, have recently published their thoughts on migration in the “Bangor Daily News”. Joan wrote: Many young Salvadoran males ended up in large cities like Los Angeles where, alone and vulnerable, they became ripe targets for gang recruitment. After the widespread 1992 riots in Los Angeles in […]

Bangor: stop inhuman “zero tolerance” immigration policies

Yesterday there was a protest outside the building housing Senator Collins’ office, demanding she take action to stop inhuman “zero tolerance” immigration policies.   Our very own Dennis Chenoy was one of the speakers and he had the following to say:   Despite the Trump/Sessions immigration fiasco roller-coaster, careening from one form of human rights abuse […]