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Jocelyn Abarca: two years after femicide, the culprit has not been sentenced

Víctor David Castillo Campos, AKA “Piojo”, prosecuted for the aggravated femicide of police officer Carla Ayala, as an accomplice, obtained the benefit of house arrest since the period of provisional detention without a firm sentence can’t be longer than two years. Because of that, women’s organizations and the Human Rights Office are afraid there might […]

CRIPDES Sur and gender violence / trabajando para prevenir la violencia de género

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Like the CCR, CRIPDES Sur is now working with the support of OXFAM to fight gender violence amid the pandemic. They will be developing a project called “Promotion of key actions for the prevention of Gender-based violence in the Port of La Libertad” The project has three main outputs: First, the […]

CCR work featured on Diario Co-Latino

Even though we are facing a pandemic and uncertainty about Government policies, the CRIPDES branch in Chalatenango, CCR keeps working and Diario Co-Latino reports about it:   “I have learned to prepare the soil and organic fertilizer, and also to crop more plants. These are difficult times but with organic gardens, we have different leaves […]

Chalatenango update – 23-4-20

Chalatenango has reported its first 3 cases of coronavirus. It used to be the only department with no cases. All of them live in the municipality of Nueva Concepcion. Amid these challenges, Juana Morales, from the CCR, keeps working with the groups of women. Through whatsapp they keep encouraging each other to carry on the […]

Our friends from Guajoyo released / Nuestros amigos de Guajoyo en libertad

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   The members of the Guajoyo security committee who were arrested on Saturday, April 11, are now free. The young men were on their shifts at the entrance of the community, controlling access and doing sanitation work when they were captured by the police. All group members work voluntarily rotating during part […]

Youth and migration / Jóvenes y migración

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Yesterday, Sister Cities had the opportunity to facilitate a call between Carina Bandhauer’s students at the Western Connectitut State University and young members of Zaragoza Youth Connection (Conexión Juvenil Zaragoza), a group coordinated by Eduardo Jiménez of CRIPDES Sur. In the conversation, the participants were able to share about the situation […]

Youth Organizing in Marianella/ Organización Juvenil en Marianella

Lee abajo en español- Historically, the community of Marianella has been known for its high level of community organizing. Since its beginning, this community has worked on community development through strengthening organization with different sectors of the community.  Youth organizing has not been the exception.  31 years after its repopulation, new generations of people in […]

Linking youth /Nuevos lazos entre la juventud

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   During our 2019 delegation focused on migration, participants had the opportunity to visit the Santa Marta community in San Vicente. There, SOA Watch participants Patricia Rodriguez and Beth Harris told youth about the continental summit SOMOS ABYA YALA that was being planned for December. Thanks to this link, Douglas Cruz could […]

LGBT issues and Sexual and Reproductive Rights in San Vicente

(EN ESPAÑOL AQUÍ)     In all of the CRIPDES regionals there are workshops to discuss Sexual and reproductive rights. They are sponsored by different donors. In San Vicente’s case, the organization is SOLIDAR SUIZA. Different people are the facilitators. One of them is Alfredo Lopez, who also facilitates the high school scholarships assemblies. Alfredo […]

Diversidad sexual y Derechos sexuales y reproductivos en San Vicente

En todas las regionales de CRIPDES se desarrollan temas de Derechos sexuales y reproductivos en proyectos financiados por diferentes donantes. En San Vicente, la contraparte es Solidar Suiza. Diferentes personas desarrollan dichos talleres. Una de ellas es Alfredo López, quien también facilita las asambleas de becarias y becarios de bachillerato. Alfredo me contó las particularidades […]