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El Faro: Bukele threatens journalism

El Faro has published an editorial regarding president Bukele’s confrontation with independent and critical media. El Salvador celebrates the day of the journalist on August 31st.   Since rising to power, Bukele has created an alternate reality where he is the sole defender of the people against those he calls “the same as usual”, a […]

FACTUM. Analysis of the murders spike during the pandemic

Violence has increased once again in El Salvador. On Friday, 22 homicides were reported on Friday and president Bukele ordered lockdown of prisons on Twitter. Since Friday, “the murder of no less than 40 people can be confirmed”, reported La Prensa Gráfica.   FACTUM published the following analysis of the situation: This Friday, April 24, […]

Water and migration, the failed subjects of the popular president Bukele

(Read the original article in spanish here)   The Salvadoran population points out two issues that should be a priority for President Nayib Bukele: serving migrant detainees in the southern United States and improving access and drinking water service. This is revealed by the evaluation survey of the first one hundred days of government conducted […]