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Information about our sistered communities

The people you have helped in San Vicente

This is another report for you. To let you know which families have received food and hygiene supplies from CRIPDES San Vicente. As you know, the regional works alongside the community boards who, in turn, identify those in more vulnerable situation and those who have not received any kind of support before, despite what might be […]

Red alert in El Salvador due to tropical storm Amanda

El Salvador was already suffering due to restrictions implemented due to the covid19 pandemic and now tropical Storm Amanda (formerly known as “2E”) is hitting the country. Government has officially declared “Red alert“. We’ll be updating with information from the CRIPDES regions. … UPDATE FROM SAN VICENTE (JUNE 2) Our friends from the organic farming […]

Community update 18-5-20

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Yesterday, our friends at Teosinte reported: “We are still locked up, with the new DUI measure (permission to move according to the last digit of your identity document), people go out in their vehicles and (for) the rest (…) there is an advantage, people come selling food suplies here and also […]

Update El Charcón – 14-5-20

Zulma Hernández, from CRIPDES Sur and current VP of the national board, informs us how people in El Charcón are doing. People are concerned because they are running out of food and the mayor’s office has not gone there yet. His office has already started the distribution of goods in other places. This is especially […]

Marianella update 12-5-20 (COVID19)

Melvin Menjivar, from the Marianella community shares a community update:   He says that most people are emotionally exhausted due to the lockdown. “Keeping a very similar daily routine is tough but people are doing their best effort”. When people get frustrated and wish to go visiting others, they are reminded that the goverment prohibits […]

Actualización UCRES / Update – May 5,2020 (COVID 19)

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   CRIPDES regional in Aguilares, UCRES has also responded to the pandemic. Its team has mobilized to deliver more modest baskets to 1000 families from the communities where they work. This has been funded by ENTRE PUEBLOS, AIETI and UCRES itself. The president of the regional, Felicia Mijango, tells us that communities are […]

32 new cases of COVID19 in El Salvador

(SOURCE)   The results of the coronavirus tests have shown an increase of 44% in the last four days, according to data published by the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele. In a new update, on the night of Tuesday, April 28, the president revealed 32 new cases of coronavirus, reaching 377 confirmed cases. Last […]

PROGRESO update: entrega de víveres

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   On Friday, CRIPDES regional in Suchitoto, PROGRESO, made the first delivery of groceries to 74 families in the communities with which this effort began, Agua Caliente and Pepeistenango. PROGRESO is very grateful to the entire population who, from their communities and homes, make an effort to combat the COVID-19 virus by […]

Letters from scholarship recipients studying amid the pandemic (PROGRESO)

Today we want to share letters from Celina and Ercilia. Celina, from the Agua Caliente community, is in her fifth year of Modern Languages at the National University. Ercilia, from Marianella, is in her fourth year of English at the Universidad Tecnológica. We think it is important to showcase the realities people face in the […]

Update from La Libertad and San Vicente

Last Friday, president Nayib Bukele established a sanitary cordon in La Libertad. People were not allowed to leave their houses not even to purchase food. This was criticized by several people:   The lawyer and former Minister of Security, Francisco Bertrand Galindo, wrote that if the siege in La Libertad is true, it is “illegal, […]