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La Jornada: The CIA and the FBI knew of the plans to kill Ellacuria

(EN ESPAÑOL AQUI)   Madrid. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the State Department, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) knew about the plans of the Salvadoran army’s high command to assassinate the Jesuits of the Central American University (UCA), especially Ignacio Ellacuría, who had been placed on the list of men to be eliminated, […]

Virtual Panel honoring Romero

As we mentioned before, Sacramento State University intended to organize an event to commemorate Oscar Romero’s martyrdom in March 2020. Due to the covid19 pandemic, the event was postponed and later changed into an online panel available here. Sister Cities’ board president Michael Ring and María Elena Martinez represented USESSC on this panel. We hope […]

The story of San Jose Las Flores

We currently think of “popular education” as an educational approach that has the purpose of awakening people’s minds, raising awareness and driving their organizational process. During the war, El Salvador had its own popular educators. Their main purpose was sharing with others the basic knowledge they already had. You can learn more about that and […]

That time Julian left Teosinte / La vez que Julián dejó Teosinte

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)     One night in Teosinte I met Julian*, who told me he migrated to the U.S. six years ago and was held in a “freezer” inside a detention center.   One night, on his way to the U.S., he managed to fall asleep under some bushes, but then woke up with […]

Embroidery in Arcatao / Bordados en Arcatao

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   A founding member of the embroidery cooperative of Arcatao shared how their work started: The embroidery workshop was born in 1988, in view of a need that we women had, as we were emerging from a cruel war, of much poverty. We didn’t even have to buy a pound (of) salt […]

Our friends from Bangor write about migration

Joan Ellis and Dennis Chinoy, from the Bangor Committee, have recently published their thoughts on migration in the “Bangor Daily News”. Joan wrote: Many young Salvadoran males ended up in large cities like Los Angeles where, alone and vulnerable, they became ripe targets for gang recruitment. After the widespread 1992 riots in Los Angeles in […]

The “Unfinished Sentences” project in Arcatao

(En español aquí)   We invite you to learn about the “Unfinished sentences” project, its struggles and the learning process that took place while gathering all important knowledge of people in Arcatao who keep fighting to keep historical memory alive. The topic of the participants’ consent was something we were learning a lot about during […]

Resources on U.S. Foreign Policy in Central America

We want to recommend you these materials from “Teaching for Change” to discuss U.S. Foreign policies that have affected the Central American region for several years.   This series of lessons invites students to investigate the role of the United States in Guatemala and El Salvador in the 20th century. The unit launches with a […]

We support the honduran caravan / Apoyamos la caravana hondureña de Migrantes

The United States cannot have it both ways in El Salvador: imposing a foreign policy that drives people from their homes and an immigration policy that criminalizes people as they flee in search of safety and sustenance for their families. We stand with our Salvadoran sisters and brothers, who have shared with us friendship, solidarity, […]

Resources about the environmental struggle in El Salvador

Thomas  R. Hughes, Jose Roberto Acosta, Jaime Lochhead – Large-Scale Sugarcane Production in El Salvador Kidney Disease – Climate change is turning dehydration into a deadly epidemic Bishops of El Salvador warn against privatizing water Jennifer Moore & Stuart Kirsh – Mining, Corporate Social Responsibility, and conflict: OceanaGold and the El Dorado Foundation in El […]