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Zoom update – September 16

The U.S.-El Salvador Sister Cities Network (USESSC) is happy to organize a zoom update alongside our friends from the association PROVIDA to provide the latest information on the health situation and challenges in El Salvador.   OUR GUEST SPEAKERS Karen Ramírez and Rudecinda Orellana, from PROVIDA. PROVIDA is a humanitarian association that promotes participatory processes […]

First official COVID19 case in El Salvador

(LEA LA NOTA DE ARPAS EN ESPAÑOL AQUÍ)   Yesterday, Nayib Bukele confirmed the first case of the new coronavirus COVID-19 in El Salvador. The president has said that they have placed a “sanitary cord” in Metapán (Santa Ana). According to Bukele, the person would have entered through a blind spot in Metapán. He explained […]

The salvadorans who can’t afford to stay at home amid pandemic

The first case of COVID19 reported in Guatemala was a person who was travelling with 5 Salvadorans, as reported by Guatemalan president Alejandro Giammattei. Nevertheless, no cases have been reported by the Salvadoran government as of today. Besides closing the airport to commercial flights, declaring the first regime of exception after the war, Nayib Bukele […]

Youth and migration / Jóvenes y migración

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Yesterday, Sister Cities had the opportunity to facilitate a call between Carina Bandhauer’s students at the Western Connectitut State University and young members of Zaragoza Youth Connection (Conexión Juvenil Zaragoza), a group coordinated by Eduardo Jiménez of CRIPDES Sur. In the conversation, the participants were able to share about the situation […]

Quién es la Fundación Heritage / Who is the Heritage Foundation

(IN ENGLISH BELOW)   En noviembre de 2019, el periodico “The Guardian” publicó un artículo titulado “Cómo los tanques de pensamiento de la derecha radical cambiaron al partido conservador“. Este artículo habla del rol que estos tanques de pensamiento (como FUSADES) tuvo en la separación del Reino Unido y la Unión Europea, lo que ahora […]

The story of San Jose Las Flores

We currently think of “popular education” as an educational approach that has the purpose of awakening people’s minds, raising awareness and driving their organizational process. During the war, El Salvador had its own popular educators. Their main purpose was sharing with others the basic knowledge they already had. You can learn more about that and […]

Testimonies – Sumpul River massacre / Testimonios de la masacre del Sumpul

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Yesterday the association Martirs of Sumpul presented a book in which they have gathered testimonies of survivors of the massacre that took place on may 13th and 14th of 1980. Ana Deysi Garcia, member of the team that created the book, shared with Efe, that “this kind of work is needed […]

Bill and popular education

We’ve been away for a while. Most of our efforts in the past months were dedicated to organizing, executing and evaluating the 2019 Popular Education Workshop, a week-long experience in Cinquera. As we did last year, we chose to ask the participants to share their personal experience. This time, we present you Bill Silvia’s account […]