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Will the military files be opened? Latest developments on “El Mozote” trial

EL FARO reports:   The presidency of Nayib Bukele told Judge Jorge Guzmán, who reopened and has promoted the investigation of the El Mozote massacre (1981), that “there are secret military plans that cannot be revealed by the Ministry of Defense” because the Armed Forces protect “superior assets of a collective nature, such as national […]

U.N. Special Rapporteur: “It is unacceptable for the President to threaten magistrates”

(EN ESPAÑOL AQUI)   The United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers, Diego García-Sayán, considered unacceptable and worrying the words of President Nayib Bukele, who assured that if he were a dictator he would “shoot (the magistrates of the Constitutional Chamber) or something like that”. On his broadcast on August 9, […]

Conmemorando Las Aradas / Sumpul River massacre – Commemoration in 2020

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Every year, our friends in Chalatenango commemorate the Sumpul River massacre, also known as “Las Aradas” (the name of the village where these people were living). This year, due to the pandemic, they invite us to commemorate its 40th anniversary virtually. They invite us to read testimonies, watch videos and learn […]

CRIPDES statement after Thursday plenary (25-4-20)

As we informed you before, last Thursday the Legislative Assembly overcame the presidential veto in order to have a law that protects health workers and demanding life insurance for them. Congresspeople also said they wanted to overcome the veto to a law ensuring the return of Salvadorans stranded in different countries, before president Bukele tweeted […]

Security for Human Rights defenders /Seguridad para personas defensoras

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO) Today, members of CRIPDES SUR and UCRES participated in the second part of the workshop about security for Human Rights Defenders, developed by Tutela Legal and funded by AIETI. After the recent increase of militarization in El Salvador and the growing risks faced by Human Rights defenders in the central American region, […]

Honduras Human Rights Abuses: Dear Colleague Letter

On Monday, April 28, 2014, Rep. Janice Schakowsky (D-IL) began circulating a sign-on “Dear Colleague” letter in the U.S. House of Representatives to Secretary of State John Kerry addressing Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Honduras. The letter states that “egregious violations of human rights continue” almost 5 years after the coup.  It raises concerns about militarization of the […]

A Summary of El Salvador´s Electoral Context and US Intervention

By Cori Ring, Sister Cities Volunteer   For the United States government, Central America remains a key strategic region for a variety of factors, including US business interests couched in terms of ¨progress and development¨ and the continuing ¨War on Drugs¨ that provides a convenient and important justification for continued US military aid to countries […]

Supreme Court Ruling: Former General Must be Removed as Security Minister

www.Cispes.org May 17, 2013 Today, the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court ruled that the appointments of David Munguía Payés as Minister of Public Security and Justice, and Francisco Ramón Salinas as Director of the National Civil Police (PNC), violated the Constitution of El Salvador. Payés and Salinas are both former military generals who retired […]

COHA Reports on “The Slide Towards Re-Militarization” in El Salvador

Social Movement Organizations File Lawsuit Against Unconstitutional Appointments of Ex-Generals  On February 21,  a group of Salvadoran human rights organizations submittted a lawsuit alleging that the recent appointments of two former generals to the posts of Minister of Justice and Public Safety,  and CEO of the National Police are unconsitutional. During the rally and press […]

Hondurans March for Democracy as the Military Imposes Police State: July, 2009

Withstanding police and military repression, Hondurans have continued constant protest against the coup which expelled President Manuel Zelaya last Sunday. Thousands of Hondurans have begun to travel on foot to Tegucigalpa to be present in support of Zelaya when he returns to the country this Saturday. Since Manuel Zelaya was removed from his house by […]