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USESSC Accountability / Nuestra rendición de cuentas

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Thanks to the donations made to our fundraising due to the COVID crisis and tropical storms Amanda and Cristóbal, The U.S.- El Salvador Sister Cities Network was able to raise 19,763 dollars that have been used for the organization and delivery of food kits to communities affected in the five CRIPDES […]

CRIPDES: challenges of rural communities during the COVID19 pandemic

(EN ESPAÑOL AQUÍ)   CRIPDES held a press conference where they read the following statement:   The Association for the Development of El Salvador (CRIPDES), celebrating its 36th anniversary, maintains its commitment to watch out for the Rights of unprotected and vulnerable people on the rural areas of the country. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated […]

The people you have helped in San Vicente

This is another report for you. To let you know which families have received food and hygiene supplies from CRIPDES San Vicente. As you know, the regional works alongside the community boards who, in turn, identify those in more vulnerable situation and those who have not received any kind of support before, despite what might be […]

Thanks for your support

Thanks to your contribution to our COVID19 fundraising, the CRIPDES Sur team was able to provide some relief to families before Amanda and Cristobal hit our vulnerable country. This weekend the Cripdes San Vicente started working to provide relief to families in that area as well:       Today, the CCR team in Chalatenango […]

CRIPDES Sur and gender violence / trabajando para prevenir la violencia de género

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Like the CCR, CRIPDES Sur is now working with the support of OXFAM to fight gender violence amid the pandemic. They will be developing a project called “Promotion of key actions for the prevention of Gender-based violence in the Port of La Libertad” The project has three main outputs: First, the […]

Community update 18-5-20

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Yesterday, our friends at Teosinte reported: “We are still locked up, with the new DUI measure (permission to move according to the last digit of your identity document), people go out in their vehicles and (for) the rest (…) there is an advantage, people come selling food suplies here and also […]

CRIPDES Sur helping thanks to you / El Sur ayuda gracias a su apoyo

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Thanks to the support we have received so far in our fundraising, CRIPDES SUR was able to distribute food to 250 families, some of them were already running out of them or they had not received any kind of state support as of today. If you’re still able to, we ask […]

CCR work featured on Diario Co-Latino

Even though we are facing a pandemic and uncertainty about Government policies, the CRIPDES branch in Chalatenango, CCR keeps working and Diario Co-Latino reports about it:   “I have learned to prepare the soil and organic fertilizer, and also to plant more crops. These are difficult times but with organic gardens, we have different leaves […]

Update El Charcón – 14-5-20

Zulma Hernández, from CRIPDES Sur and current VP of the national board, informs us how people in El Charcón are doing. People are concerned because they are running out of food and the mayor’s office has not gone there yet. His office has already started the distribution of goods in other places. This is especially […]

Statement from the Sumpul Association – 40th anniversary

The Sumpul Association released a statement a couple of days ago regarding the upcoming 40th anniversary of the Sumpul River massacre. You can read it in full here (in Spanish)   40 years of impunity have passed and justice has been denied to victims and survivors of the Sumpul River Massacre. We aspire to a […]