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Supporting Guajoyo

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Last march, the delegation from Austin visited Guajoyo and ran into their annual sad tradition: fighting wildfires. Guajoyo and the neighbor communities got together to fight it without a quick response from firefighters, the municipality of Tecoluca or the Government’s office of civil protection.     This is a reality they […]

The water project on Teosinte / El proyecto de agua en Teosinte

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Last friday I had the chance to talk with Osmin Sibrian, from the water board of Teosinte, San Francisco Menéndez, a community sistered with Arlington. That’s how I got to learn more about the water situation in the area. The first challenge is that main pipes are 80 years old and […]

Guajoyo by Gustavo / Guajoyo por Gustavo

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Last weekend the Austin committee visited its sister comunity, Guajoyo, in San Vicente. There we had an exchange with two members of the community Santa Monica, organized by CRIPDES regional office in San Vicente, to learn about their experience with water projects and handling its scarcity. New visitors got to meet […]

Arlington: “Cambio climático y migración”

Artículo original de Rafi Barglow / Arlington Teosinte Sister City Project   La semana pasada, Zulma Tobar y Bernardo Belloso vinieron desde El Salvador a visitar la escuela de Arlington para hablar con casi cuatrocientos estudiantes sobre importantes temas que nos unen.   Tobar es la co-coordinadora de Ciudades Hermanas, una organización que coordina las relaciones […]

Resources about the environmental struggle in El Salvador

Thomas  R. Hughes, Jose Roberto Acosta, Jaime Lochhead – Large-Scale Sugarcane Production in El Salvador Kidney Disease – Climate change is turning dehydration into a deadly epidemic Bishops of El Salvador warn against privatizing water Jennifer Moore & Stuart Kirsh – Mining, Corporate Social Responsibility, and conflict: OceanaGold and the El Dorado Foundation in El […]

Sister Cities working on climate change

Now more than ever is important to think about the effects of climate change in our planet. The most affected countries will always be the poorest. El Salvador has been placed in the 16th spot of most vulnerable countries to climate change. We are indeed facing its effects: after a severe drought that affected the […]

ECLAC – water availability in El Salvador

(Lea el original en español aquí) In the most pessimistic scenario, El Salvador could lose up to 93% of its available water due to climate change: it would move from 1,752 cubic meters a year per person to 122 in the year 2100, a 93% reduction. This, according to a study of the United Nations Economic […]