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USESSC Accountability / Nuestra rendición de cuentas

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Thanks to the donations made to our fundraising due to the COVID crisis and tropical storms Amanda and Cristóbal, The U.S.- El Salvador Sister Cities Network was able to raise 19,763 dollars that have been used for the organization and delivery of food kits to communities affected in the five CRIPDES […]

Our 2020 Virtual Spring board meeting

Last weekend we held our spring Board Meeting with the great facilitation of former staff member, Cori Ring.   These are some highlights we are sharing with you:   Plans for development of Sister Cities Inclusion of translation at all meetings and events to increase the accessibility of the organization.  Increased coordination with other social […]

CCR has been able to help thanks to your support

Your donation to our on-going fundraiser has enabled the CCR team to help various communities in Chalatenango. Alongside the community boards with which they work, the CCR identified the most vulnerable people who have now received a hygiene and food kit. In San José Las Flores, help was given after 86 days of quarantine had […]

Thanks for your support

Thanks to your contribution to our COVID19 fundraising, the CRIPDES Sur team was able to provide some relief to families before Amanda and Cristobal hit our vulnerable country. This weekend the Cripdes San Vicente started working to provide relief to families in that area as well:       Today, the CCR team in Chalatenango […]

Statement on World Environment Day 2020

The Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES), the SHARE Foundation, Voices on the Border and the U.S. – El Salvador Sister Cities Network are releasing the following statement on World Environment Day.     Su versión en español:    

Sister Cities supports the Poor people’s campaign

by Ann Legg, board member   We’ve had three so-called rescue bills. Not one bill provided healthcare for everybody and the uninsured, in the midst of a pandemic. Not one bill provided living wages, in the midst of a pandemic. Not one bill guaranteed that your water couldn’t be cut off and your utilities, in […]

Reflection on Popular Education, Compassion, and Learning // Reflexión sobre la educación popular, compasión y aprendizaje

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Lily Herakova wrote a version of this reflection in an email to the popular education working group. We found her ideas insightful. Her thought process applies popular education ideology, what she learned in El Salvador, as well as her current realities and experiences to the challenges we are currently facing. We […]


Call your representative to demand the release of asylum seekers from detention. Unlike many other countries, the US puts people in prison when they come to the border seeking safety. Now these crowded prisons could lead to disease and the deaths of thousands of people waiting to be processed by Immigration. This is an injustice! […]

The VISA process for USESSC staff in El Salvador

By El Salvador staff   Some people in the U.S. get angry when they learn that people have entered illegally to their country and they wonder why these migrants can’t follow the “proper legal procedure”. Some people don’t even know that Family Preference Green Cards processing can take from 1 to 10 years depending on […]

Romero’s words during this pandemic / Las palabras de Romero durante esta pandemia

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   El 24 de marzo de 2020 marcó el 40º aniversario del asesinato del Arzobispo Oscar Romero en San Salvador, El Salvador. A Romero le disparó un francotirador mientras oficiaba misa después de haber hecho un llamado a la policía salvadoreña y a las fuerzas armadas para que pararan la represión contra […]