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Reflection on Popular Education, Compassion, and Learning // Reflexión sobre la educación popular, compasión y aprendizaje

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Lily Herakova wrote a version of this reflection in an email to the popular education working group. We found her ideas insightful. Her thought process applies popular education ideology, what she learned in El Salvador, as well as her current realities and experiences to the challenges we are currently facing. We […]

The story of San Jose Las Flores

We currently think of “popular education” as an educational approach that has the purpose of awakening people’s minds, raising awareness and driving their organizational process. During the war, El Salvador had its own popular educators. Their main purpose was sharing with others the basic knowledge they already had. You can learn more about that and […]

Bill and popular education

We’ve been away for a while. Most of our efforts in the past months were dedicated to organizing, executing and evaluating the 2019 Popular Education Workshop, a week-long experience in Cinquera. As we did last year, we chose to ask the participants to share their personal experience. This time, we present you Bill Silvia’s account […]

The popular education workshop in Austin / El taller de educacion popular en Austin

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)  Written by Jacey Anderson / translated by Mario Guevara   On Friday, February 22, Zulma Hernández (CRIPDES-Sur) and Zulma Tobar (USESSC) led a training for the staff of Workers Defense Project (WDP), a Texas non-profit that focuses on migrant worker rights. Twenty young organizers participated as “las Zulmas” (with support form Jacey […]

Austin is having its popular education weekend

Today, Zulma Hernández (from CRIPDES Sur La Libertad), Zulma Tobar (Sister Cities’ staff in El Salvador), Jonathan Falk and Jacey Anderson led a 6-hour PopEd workshop for about 20 members of the staff of Workers Defense Project, a Texas grassroots organization that works with immigrant workers to help them defend their rights. The workshop focused […]

Robin Harris: My experience on the popular education workshop / Mi experiencia en el taller de educación popular

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   For a week, we were not the experts. For a week, we silenced our cultural biases and opened our hearts, listening to Salvadoran experiences, Salvadoran pain, Salvadoran justice and healing. My experience during the Popular Education School was transformational, and I emerged from the week energized, motivated, and ready to take […]

Upcoming Popular Education workshop: August 12-19, 2018

U.S. – El Salvador Sister Cities invites you to an immersive week-long Popular Education School. The School is designed to give participants a basic understanding of the principles and practice of popular education, and to help participants gain both skills and ongoing support to use popular education in their own activism in the United States. […]