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Bill and popular education

We’ve been away for a while. Most of our efforts in the past months were dedicated to organizing, executing and evaluating the 2019 Popular Education Workshop, a week-long experience in Cinquera. As we did last year, we chose to ask the participants to share their personal experience. This time, we present you Bill Silvia’s account […]

Edgewood Delegation / La delegación de Edgewood (2019)

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   From January 9th to January 20th, a delegation of students from Edgewood College visited El Salvador as a way to understand more of the themes already discussed in their class led by Ian Davies and Marc Rosenthal, from the Madison-Arcatao Sister Citiy Project. Most of the participants are studying to become […]

Robin Harris: My experience on the popular education workshop / Mi experiencia en el taller de educación popular

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   For a week, we were not the experts. For a week, we silenced our cultural biases and opened our hearts, listening to Salvadoran experiences, Salvadoran pain, Salvadoran justice and healing. My experience during the Popular Education School was transformational, and I emerged from the week energized, motivated, and ready to take […]