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What does being a “national member” of the Sister Cities Network mean?

Sometimes people fall in love with the relationship our network has had with CRIPDES and El Salvador for many years. Sometimes they join a Committee in the U.S. to remain engaged in dealing with the problems El Salvador still faces, even though it’s a country that is no longer of importance in the international news. […]

A letter to senators – Trump’s new ambassador

On april 3rd, Ronald Douglas Johnson got closer to be appointed as U.S. Ambassador in El Salvador. Our friend Joan Laurion, from the Madison-Arcatao Sister City Project (MASCP) shares a letter she sent to her congressman urging him to vote against it. You might also use it to reach out to your representative(s).   Dear […]

Edgewood Delegation / La delegación de Edgewood (2019)

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   From January 9th to January 20th, a delegation of students from Edgewood College visited El Salvador as a way to understand more of the themes already discussed in their class led by Ian Davies and Marc Rosenthal, from the Madison-Arcatao Sister Citiy Project. Most of the participants are studying to become […]

Rosa Rivera in Madison

(En Español abajo) Rosa Rivera, founder and current member of the Living Memory Committee in Arcatao (Chalatenango) was invited to Madison by the Sistered Committee. Her scheduled was exciting. She met with Marc Rosenthal’s health care group, she went to a tour at the capitol with Rep. Chris Taylor, she also had a meeting at […]

Madison delegation talk about migrants’ situation on the radio

We invite you to listen to this interview with State Senator LaTonya Johnson, Jonathan Solari, from Planned Parenthood and our dear Barbara Mergen Alvarado from the Madison Arcatao Sister City Project. They talk about their experience knowing the center for deportees in El Salvador. CLICK HERE

Report of Fair Trade Delegation to El Salvador, March 2008

From the Fair Trade Delegation, March 2008:  Woven into many of USESSC’s sistering relationships are ‘sisters’ working in the North to promote the goods created by co-operatives in our sistered communities in El Salvador.  Such co-operatives are a natural part of daily life in the organized communities of CRIPDES, part of an economic model that […]