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Open Letter to the Salvadoran Government asking them to sign the Escazu agreement

The Escazú Agreement, a watershed 2018 United Nations environmental treaty for Latin America and the Caribbean, could mark a dramatic shift in environmental policy for Central America. Despite the deepening climate change-related degradation of the country’s environment and violence against the environmentalists who come to its defense, though, the Bukele administration hasn’t publicly expressed its […]

USESSC Accountability / Nuestra rendición de cuentas

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Thanks to the donations made to our fundraising due to the COVID crisis and tropical storms Amanda and Cristóbal, The U.S.- El Salvador Sister Cities Network was able to raise 19,763 dollars that have been used for the organization and delivery of food kits to communities affected in the five CRIPDES […]

Amanda fundraising

June 3, 2020   Dear Friends of US-El Salvador Sister Cities, We are writing to ask for your emergency solidarity once again to support our sister communities in El Salvador as they face devastation from the impact of Tropical Storm Amanda. You can donate online or, if you prefer, by check.  We thank all of […]

Sister Cities supports the Poor people’s campaign

by Ann Legg, board member   We’ve had three so-called rescue bills. Not one bill provided healthcare for everybody and the uninsured, in the midst of a pandemic. Not one bill provided living wages, in the midst of a pandemic. Not one bill guaranteed that your water couldn’t be cut off and your utilities, in […]

Community update 18-5-20

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Yesterday, our friends at Teosinte reported: “We are still locked up, with the new DUI measure (permission to move according to the last digit of your identity document), people go out in their vehicles and (for) the rest (…) there is an advantage, people come selling food suplies here and also […]

CRIPDES Sur helping thanks to you / El Sur ayuda gracias a su apoyo

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Thanks to the support we have received so far in our fundraising, CRIPDES SUR was able to distribute food to 250 families, some of them were already running out of them or they had not received any kind of state support as of today. If you’re still able to, we ask […]

CRIPDES support so far – COVID19 / El apoyo de CRIPDES hasta ahora

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   The five regions of CRIPDES have provided support to a total of 2,381 rural families so far. Each of the regionals received support from the projects that were already running in their area. The SHARE Foundation and Sister Cities also contributed. CRIPDES’ board of directors decided where these funds would be […]

Update from La Libertad and San Vicente

Last Friday, president Nayib Bukele established a sanitary cordon in La Libertad. People were not allowed to leave their houses not even to purchase food. This was criticized by several people:   The lawyer and former Minister of Security, Francisco Bertrand Galindo, wrote that if the siege in La Libertad is true, it is “illegal, […]

A report on our 2019 national gathering

Last weekend we held our national gathering. Thanks to the secretary of our board, Delia Landers, we have some notes to share with all of you that could not attend.   On El Salvador Felicia Mijango, from CRIPDES regional UCRES, gave an update on El Salvador. The new directiva has six women and one man. […]

What does being a “national member” of the Sister Cities Network mean?

Sometimes people fall in love with the relationship our network has had with CRIPDES and El Salvador for many years. Sometimes they join a Committee in the U.S. to remain engaged in dealing with the problems El Salvador still faces, even though it’s a country that is no longer of importance in the international news. […]