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Zoom update – September 16

The U.S.-El Salvador Sister Cities Network (USESSC) is happy to organize a zoom update alongside our friends from the association PROVIDA to provide the latest information on the health situation and challenges in El Salvador.   OUR GUEST SPEAKERS Karen Ramírez and Rudecinda Orellana, from PROVIDA. PROVIDA is a humanitarian association that promotes participatory processes […]

Marianella update 12-5-20 (COVID19)

Melvin Menjivar, from the Marianella community shares a community update:   He says that most people are emotionally exhausted due to the lockdown. “Keeping a very similar daily routine is tough but people are doing their best effort”. When people get frustrated and wish to go visiting others, they are reminded that the goverment prohibits […]

The water project on Teosinte / El proyecto de agua en Teosinte

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Last friday I had the chance to talk with Osmin Sibrian, from the water board of Teosinte, San Francisco Menéndez, a community sistered with Arlington. That’s how I got to learn more about the water situation in the area. The first challenge is that main pipes are 80 years old and […]

Edgewood Delegation / La delegación de Edgewood (2019)

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   From January 9th to January 20th, a delegation of students from Edgewood College visited El Salvador as a way to understand more of the themes already discussed in their class led by Ian Davies and Marc Rosenthal, from the Madison-Arcatao Sister Citiy Project. Most of the participants are studying to become […]

ARDM’s forum

Puede leer el informe en español aquí: DÉCIMO NOVENO FORO ECOLÓGICO – ARDM   On October 19th, ARDM organized their environmental forum, in which they try to raise awareness about environmental issues to all the inhabitants of the communities that surround the forest of Cinquera. In this event there was participation from the mayor’s office, […]