ARDM’s forum

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On October 19th, ARDM organized their environmental forum, in which they try to raise awareness about environmental issues to all the inhabitants of the communities that surround the forest of Cinquera.

In this event there was participation from the mayor’s office, schools of the municipality and organizations such as CORDES, ISCOS, CRIPDES, ACADESES, CEL, PROVIDA and many farmers from the micro-region Cabañas – Cuscatlán that had the opportunity to sell their products.

“As ARDM we are promoting sustainable agriculture with our farmer-to-farmer approach… We are also raising awareness in schools by giving talks such as “Comprehensive management of water resources”, “Solid waste management”, “Ecoystem services” and also developing organic gardens”.


Don’t forget to spread the work about the work that ARDM is doing in the region.


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