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The popular education workshop in Austin / El taller de educacion popular en Austin

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)  Written by Jacey Anderson / translated by Mario Guevara   On Friday, February 22, Zulma Hernández (CRIPDES-Sur) and Zulma Tobar (USESSC) led a training for the staff of Workers Defense Project (WDP), a Texas non-profit that focuses on migrant worker rights. Twenty young organizers participated as “las Zulmas” (with support form Jacey […]

Austin is having its popular education weekend

Today, Zulma Hernández (from CRIPDES Sur La Libertad), Zulma Tobar (Sister Cities’ staff in El Salvador), Jonathan Falk and Jacey Anderson led a 6-hour PopEd workshop for about 20 members of the staff of Workers Defense Project, a Texas grassroots organization that works with immigrant workers to help them defend their rights. The workshop focused […]

New scholarship recipients in San Vicente / Nuevas becarias y becarios en San Vicente

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Yesterday, new young men and women attended Cripdes San Vicente’s meeting to become new scholarship recipients. They are taking the places of those who graduated last year. They were accompanied by their relatives and, in some cases, by community board members. The three of them signed an agreement that states that […]

2018 Speaking Tour Itinerary

Are you aware of our 2018 Speaking Tour? Of our upcoming popular education workshops? Of our National Gathering? Are you interested in knowing where Bernardo Belloso, from CRIPDES, and our Zulma Tobar will be heading this time?   If so, this is your lucky day. You can read our (still in progress) itinerary below: 2018 […]

Are you interested in attending a Popular Education Workshop?

Have you heard about our popular education workshops? How about being part of a 2-4 hour long session? Our very own Zulma Tobar will be joining CRIPDES’ president Bernardo Belloso and will develop workshops that will cover the following: Great personal learning experiences Analysis of Reality What is popular Education Popular Education in El Salvador […]

Sheryl Sherman on her trip to Guajoyo / Sheryl Sherman sobre su visita a Guajoyo

(En español abajo)   I am now ten days back from the recent Guajoyo-Austin delegation trip. And though back into a routine here, I find myself thinking often of the visit and the wonderful people of El Salvador. I am very thankful to Mario Guevara, of U.S.-El Salvador Sister Cities and Lurvi of CRIPDES. The […]

Robert Gibbons on his trip to Guajoyo / Robert Gibbons sobre su viaje a Guajoyo

(En español abajo)   One of the participants in the last Austin delegation wrote the following:   I was in El Salvador from June 29-July 5 with a four-person delegation representing the Austin Chapter of a grassroots organization called US El Salvador Sister Cities. We spent three days in San Salvador and three days in […]

National Gathering in Austin a Texas-Sized Success!

For the first time in Sister Cities history, the National Gathering was held in the Lone Star committee´s hometown of Austin, TX, also kicking off the 2014 Speaking Tour.   Thanks to the outstanding behind-the-scenes work of members of the Austin Committee (also known as the East Side Group), locals and out-of-towners alike from Chicago, […]

Reporting Back from the Cambridge and Austin Sister Cities Delegations

By Catie Johnston Austin Sister Cities Volunteer in San Vicente   Delegations are at the heart of what Sister Cities is all about: they are the incarnation of the solidarity relationships that make things like projects, advocacy, and development possible. In April and May, our sister communities in El Salvador received not one, not two, […]