Austin is having its popular education weekend

Today, Zulma Hernández (from CRIPDES Sur La Libertad), Zulma Tobar (Sister Cities’ staff in El Salvador), Jonathan Falk and Jacey Anderson led a 6-hour PopEd workshop for about 20 members of the staff of Workers Defense Project, a Texas grassroots organization that works with immigrant workers to help them defend their rights. The workshop focused on basic elements of PopEd, an analysis of their current context, and the role of the organizer as a popular educator.

Saturday and Sunday they will be facilitating a workshop with 40 grassroots activists from WDP, Grassroots Leadership, United We Dream, and Texas organizing Project. They are coming from Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas. The basic goal of these workshops is to give them some experience of using popular education in their work of developing leadership and social transformation.

Now that we have your attention. Do you know we’re planning to have another popular education week in El Salvador, as we did last year? We’ll keep you posted.

Email us if you’re interested.


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