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El Faro: Bukele threatens journalism

El Faro has published an editorial regarding president Bukele’s confrontation with independent and critical media. El Salvador celebrates the day of the journalist on August 31st.   Since rising to power, Bukele has created an alternate reality where he is the sole defender of the people against those he calls “the same as usual”, a […]

A tweet from Bukele suspends the Legislative Assembly’s plenary

On Thursday afternoon, with 59 votes, the deputies of the Legislative Assembly overcame the presidential veto to the decree that sought life insurance for health personnel attending the COVID-19 pandemic (X). Decree 620, approved by the Legislative Assembly on April 1st, contemplates the delivery of personal protection supplies to health employees, training to treat patients […]

El Salvador update 16-4-20 / Actualización

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Today the Legislative Assembly must analyze whether the restriction of rights during the pandemic is extended, as requested by President Nayib Bukele. Last Sunday they decided to extend it just for four days. The journalist Fernando Romero (whom the president previously excluded from an event) explains the reforms that various groups […]