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Medical Association: “We have not had the chance to help” (COVID19)

Amid the latest power struggle El Salvador is enduring right now, the Medical Association, whose opinion has been heard in other crisis El salvador has endured before, states they have not been able to participate during the current pandemic.   The president of the Medical Association of El Salvador, Milton Brizuela, spoke about the Government’s […]

Actualización UCRES / Update – May 5,2020 (COVID 19)

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   CRIPDES regional in Aguilares, UCRES has also responded to the pandemic. Its team has mobilized to deliver more modest baskets to 1000 families from the communities where they work. This has been funded by ENTRE PUEBLOS, AIETI and UCRES itself. The president of the regional, Felicia Mijango, tells us that communities are […]

Complex Trauma, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and the El Salvador Mental Health Project

On May 6th, Clare Norelle will join Ian Davies and Marc Rosenthal’s COR II class on El Salvador.   Clare Norelle is a bilingual yoga teacher who offers Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY), an evidence-based adjunct treatment for complex trauma, to Medicaid clients in Dane County. She is also helping to develop the El Salvador […]