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Red alert in El Salvador due to tropical storm Amanda

El Salvador was already suffering due to restrictions implemented due to the covid19 pandemic and now tropical Storm Amanda (formerly known as “2E”) is hitting the country. Government has officially declared “Red alert“. We’ll be updating with information from the CRIPDES regions. … UPDATE FROM SAN VICENTE (JUNE 2) Our friends from the organic farming […]

Conmemorando Las Aradas / Sumpul River massacre – Commemoration in 2020

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Every year, our friends in Chalatenango commemorate the Sumpul River massacre, also known as “Las Aradas” (the name of the village where these people were living). This year, due to the pandemic, they invite us to commemorate its 40th anniversary virtually. They invite us to read testimonies, watch videos and learn […]

Testimonies – Sumpul River massacre / Testimonios de la masacre del Sumpul

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Yesterday the association Martirs of Sumpul presented a book in which they have gathered testimonies of survivors of the massacre that took place on may 13th and 14th of 1980. Ana Deysi Garcia, member of the team that created the book, shared with Efe, that “this kind of work is needed […]

The Sumpul River Massacre and New Calls for Solidarity

The 14th of May is a day everyone in Chalatenango looks forward to and dreads at the same time.  The anticipation is for the commemoration of the anniversary the Sumpul River Massacre, in which hundreds of youth, men and women make the trek to the site of the brutal 1980 attack on civilians.  The trepidation […]