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Statement from the Sumpul Association – 40th anniversary

The Sumpul Association released a statement a couple of days ago regarding the upcoming 40th anniversary of the Sumpul River massacre. You can read it in full here (in Spanish)   40 years of impunity have passed and justice has been denied to victims and survivors of the Sumpul River Massacre. We aspire to a […]

The Sumpul River Massacre and New Calls for Solidarity

The 14th of May is a day everyone in Chalatenango looks forward to and dreads at the same time.  The anticipation is for the commemoration of the anniversary the Sumpul River Massacre, in which hundreds of youth, men and women make the trek to the site of the brutal 1980 attack on civilians.  The trepidation […]

The Commemoration of the Fallen in Cinquera

Sarah and new co-coordinator Alexandra arrived in Cinquera on Saturday April 17th to participate in their yearly Commemoration of the Fallen. The Commemoration began at dusk with a caminata, a candle lit procession through the town for which we joined about 200 community members. Participants shouted out the names of people from the region who […]