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The Minister of Finance has resigned

Nelson Fuentes has resigned as Minister of Finances. El Diario de Hoy reports: Nelson Fuentes’ departure comes at a time when the government of Nayib Bukele tries to reduce criticism for the use of public funds to buy food in Mexico and, in turn, get more financing to face the loss of income due to […]

No report about the IMF loan to El Salvador

El Faro has reported how the Salvadoran government never really listened to the Emergency Fund Committee before taking any economic action, which led to the civilian members’ resignation. Besides not knowing how 100,000 beneficiaries of the $300 donations were selected, another worrisome detail is the fact that the group did not participate in asking (and […]

Update from La Libertad and San Vicente

Last Friday, president Nayib Bukele established a sanitary cordon in La Libertad. People were not allowed to leave their houses not even to purchase food. This was criticized by several people:   The lawyer and former Minister of Security, Francisco Bertrand Galindo, wrote that if the siege in La Libertad is true, it is “illegal, […]