Press release regarding sunday’s actions at the Legislative Assembly

Comunicado 10 02 2020 Organizaciones solidarias



The organizations in solidarity with the Salvadoran people, based in the United States of America, that emerged to accompany the most vulnerable people during the armed conflict, in the face of the crisis generated between the powers of the Legislative and Executive State, we declare the following:

1. We deeply regret the crisis between the Executive and Legislative body when the latter is required to approve a loan of $109 million dollars that the executive argues urges him to continue his plan against crime.

2. We believe that the president of the republic has exceeded his constitutional powers by taking the legislative assembly and militarizing it. These actions were a thing of the past when, in 1992, peace agreements were signed and gave way to a democratic system which, although very weak, should continue to be strengthened. We must not go back to a nefarious and painful past for the Salvadoran people.

3. We believe that a discourse that encourages violence and confrontation does not contribute to the search for dialogue, to reach agreements and to the harmony of a people.


For all the above:

● We urgently call on the president of the republic, his cabinet and the deputies to seek the means of dialogue and negotiation to find a solution to the loan of 109 million and other problems that have to be addressed.

● We hope that the country’s institutionality will be respected and that the president cease his confrontation and disqualification speech towards people and sectors that do not share his methods of ruling.

● We hope that the legislative Assembly and the executive will expedite and support other demands of the social movement, such as a reconciliation law that dignifies the victims of the armed conflict, the approval of a general water law and a reform of the pension system.

● We stand in solidarity with social organizations and organizations of Human Rights that keep fighting every day to make sure that El Salvador builds a democratic system and to dignify the most vulnerable sectors.

● We hope that the Supreme Court of Justice will intervene to give way to the current conflict between the executive and legislative.

● We call on governments and other international organizations to speak out to ensure that El Salvador continues in the direction of strengthening its democratic system and unrestrictedly respecting the autonomy of powers.


In Solidarity,

Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador
Share Foundation
U.S. – El Salvador Sister Cities network
Voices on the Border

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