Our 2020 Virtual Spring board meeting

Last weekend we held our spring Board Meeting with the great facilitation of former staff member, Cori Ring.


These are some highlights we are sharing with you:


Plans for development of Sister Cities

  • Inclusion of translation at all meetings and events to increase the accessibility of the organization. 
  • Increased coordination with other social movements. Currently we are working with the Poor People’s Campaign and their June 20th digital march
  • Expansion of current committees and working groups. A welcome group is planned. 
  • Focus on the National Member model of Sister Cities as an important part of the future of the organization, figuring out what this looks like and how we can build community through this structure. 
  • Creation of a Racial Justice committe and commitment to Anti-Racist work in our organization, as well as a “youth-oriented” space.


Points for Action

  1. Current members of committees are encouraged to use their existing connections to bring new people into the organization either as national members or as parts of committees. 
  2. Poor People’s Campaign: As an organization we want to join with the Poor People’s Campaign to work in solidarity with their efforts. There is a virtual march this Saturday, June 21st. Registration for the event as well as more information on the group can be found here: https://www.poorpeoplescampaign.org/ Please consider attending this virtual march and getting involved with their work. 
  3. Are you able to provide translations? Do you know anyone that might be interested in helping us with that? We are looking for people to translate during meetings and events and/or to help with documents and other written material.
  4. Are you skilled at fundraising? Do you know how to write grant applications? Help us with our fundraising so that we can better support CRIPDES!
  5. Become a sustainer! Donate to sister cities regularly. Any amount is welcomed. Help us do our organizing work! Or just donate when you are able!
  6. Join our conversations on race and privilege that the Racial Justice group will be organizing! 
  7. Keep up to date with Sister Cities on Social Media and our website! We need more people to help us with it.
  8. Help us connect with different universities to share our work on migration and other issues and to connect with more young activists. 
  9. Consider joining one of our working groups, they are a very valuable way to get involved in specific issues that Sister Cities is focusing on. Each of these groups meets virtually on a regular basis and holds virtual events, works on specific advocacy campaigns, and connects with other organizations. These are the ideal way to get involved and share your unique skills and experiences! These include: 
    1. Popular Education
    2. Environment
    3. Migration
    4. Historic Memory
    5. Communications
    6. Finance 
    7. Racial Justice 

Please consider getting involved in one or more of these efforts or sharing this with people that might be interested/ able to. If you have any questions, contact Jacey Anderson at jacey.sistercities(at)gmail.com – she will be able to guide you or interested parties to the appropriate person.

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