Top 5 Reasons Sister Cities Loves YOU!

 This Valentine´s Day, U.S. –El Salvador Sister Cities wants you to know that your solidarity is Love. You care about people and places that may be far away from you. You know that even though our brothers and sisters in Latin America may live worlds apart from us, ultimately our destinies our intertwined. These are the top 5 reasons why USESSC loves YOU!

1.      Your financial support has led to over $100,000 sent down to our sister communities and partners in El Salvador in 2014. $30,000 went to support over 70 University and High school students, like these scholarship students from the Suchitito area!


2.      You care about the environment. You participated in the first ever Mining Consultation Observation Delegation in September2014, as part of USESSC´s ongoing commitment to connecting struggles in El Salvador and beyond, and are staying involved in the global fight against corporate takeover of natural resources.

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3.      When there are urgent actions from Honduras or El Salvador, you stop and make time to take action when our brothers and sisters are under threat. In 2014, your quick response helped free 11 young men who were unjustly incarcerated, including 2 USESSC scholarship students. Here they are, reunited with their mothers after spending 4 months in prison. 

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4.      You care about democracy. You either participated in our El Salvador Presidential election monitoring delegation or you lobbied your congressperson for US neutrality and demanded that the US government recognize El Salvador´s free and fair electoral process when it was thrown into question.  Rachel2

5.     You care about the situations that create the need for people to flee their homes, leaving everything they know behind to come to the US, and you care about what our Salvadoran Sisters and Brothers have to say. Your compassionate concern has led you to become involved in the USESSC network and other movements struggling for immigrant rights and policy reform.


To keep the love flowing, please consider making a tax – deductable donation to U.S. –El Salvador Sister Cities today!

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