Sister Cities supports the Poor people’s campaign

by Ann Legg, board member


We’ve had three so-called rescue bills. Not one bill provided healthcare for everybody and the uninsured, in the midst of a pandemic. Not one bill provided living wages, in the midst of a pandemic. Not one bill guaranteed that your water couldn’t be cut off and your utilities, in the midst of a pandemic. Not one bill ensured the protections that you need in terms of personal protection and the ventilators. Not one bill significantly dealt with all the homeless in this community, in this country. Not one bill focused on the undocumented workers.



The US-ESSC Board encourages everyone in the Sister Cities network to participate in the Poor People’s Digital March on DC on June 20, 2020.

The Rev. Dr. William Barber, an African-American pastor from North Carolina, revived the Poor People’s Campaign that was started by Martin Luther King, Jr. But this movement is not just about African Americans. It is about all impoverished people and those suffering from injustice and violence. Dr. Barber’s vision is that if all of us who are working for peace and justice come together as one, we will be more powerful. If you look on You Tube you can find videos of his speeches and sermons.

The above quote is from an interview of Dr. Barber on a recent Democracy Now! program in which he talks about the impact COVID-19 is having on Black, Brown and poor communities as well as the issue of voting by mail. We encourage you to take a look at it.


We also would like to invite you to the Poor People’s Campaign website to learn about where the movement’s demands and where it stand in terms of:

Systemic Racism
Poverty and Inequality
Ecological Devastation
War Economy and Militarism
National Morality


If you are interested in participating in the June 20 digital march, fill this form.


“The people in power right now are too comfortable with other people’s deaths”

Rev william Barber

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