The US-El Salvador Sister Cities migration group organizes with CRIPDES and the USESSC network to defend immigrant rights in the face of the anti-immigrant policies of the current US administration.


There are many factors driving migration northward from Central America.  People are fleeing the high levels of violence. Others leave so their families can survive economically. Some travel to reunite with family members.


Migrants are met with hostility. The racist policies of the Trump administration have triggered increased violence and enforcement against immigrants of color across the US. These policies are built off the legacies of 200 years of US imperialism in Latin America and the Bush/Obama Administration-constructed ICE deportation machine.


Our group invites you to take action to organize across borders in defense of people’s rights by:
  • Opening a dialogue on the issue with your sister community in El Salvador,
  • Participating in advocacy to demand rights for all immigrants, including DACA and TPS recipients,
  • Working with local immigrants rights groups to build connections across borders,
  • Educating people on the role of US foreign policy in driving migration,
  • Working with us
We invite you to read Sister Cities’ statement regarding current US policy towards migrants.


For more information on how to participate email ringmarpeace(at)