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Will the military files be opened? Latest developments on “El Mozote” trial

EL FARO reports:   The presidency of Nayib Bukele told Judge Jorge Guzmán, who reopened and has promoted the investigation of the El Mozote massacre (1981), that “there are secret military plans that cannot be revealed by the Ministry of Defense” because the Armed Forces protect “superior assets of a collective nature, such as national […]

Youth Organizing in Marianella/ Organización Juvenil en Marianella

Lee abajo en español- Historically, the community of Marianella has been known for its high level of community organizing. Since its beginning, this community has worked on community development through strengthening organization with different sectors of the community.  Youth organizing has not been the exception.  31 years after its repopulation, new generations of people in […]

The story of San Jose Las Flores

We currently think of “popular education” as an educational approach that has the purpose of awakening people’s minds, raising awareness and driving their organizational process. During the war, El Salvador had its own popular educators. Their main purpose was sharing with others the basic knowledge they already had. You can learn more about that and […]

Former soldiers of the Atlacatl Batalion testify against their superior in El Mozote trial

(LEA LA NOTICIA COMPLETA AQUÍ)   “You’re going to ask me about the El Mozote massacre, in Morazán, on december 1981”, said “Juan”, hidden behind a wooden screen and through a device that changed his voice. The two former soldiers declare under a pseudonym and their identities are only known by the prosecution and the […]

Sister Cities through the years

A while ago our network used to have 32 committees. This year we only have 16 left. Committees are aging and our model of solidarity is hard to explain to a wider audience when our country is no longer “in poverty” or when it suddenly becomes a “third safe country” and a “less dangerous place” […]

Testimonies – Sumpul River massacre / Testimonios de la masacre del Sumpul

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Yesterday the association Martirs of Sumpul presented a book in which they have gathered testimonies of survivors of the massacre that took place on may 13th and 14th of 1980. Ana Deysi Garcia, member of the team that created the book, shared with Efe, that “this kind of work is needed […]

Embroidery in Arcatao / Bordados en Arcatao

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   A founding member of the embroidery cooperative of Arcatao shared how their work started: The embroidery workshop was born in 1988, in view of a need that we women had, as we were emerging from a cruel war, of much poverty. We didn’t even have to buy a pound (of) salt […]

The “Unfinished Sentences” project in Arcatao

(En español aquí)   We invite you to learn about the “Unfinished sentences” project, its struggles and the learning process that took place while gathering all important knowledge of people in Arcatao who keep fighting to keep historical memory alive. The topic of the participants’ consent was something we were learning a lot about during […]

Solidarity workshops in CRIPDES’ regions

Every two months, SALVAIDE, The SHARE Foundation and Sister Cities meet with the sistering representatives of the five regions of CRIPDES and some CRIPDES board members. These are the sistering meetings. During these meetings, we talk about the current context, hear reports about the regions and share ideas or proposals. During one of these meetings, […]