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To learn where we are coming from and avoid mistakes of the past.

Mozote trial slowly continues

ARPAS is one of the few outlets still reporting about the on-going trial against militars involved in the massacre of El Mozote. They report: Private prosecutors state that a specialist proposed by the defense of the military to inspect files “has links with the accused”. In the Examining Court of San Francisco Gotera (Department of […]

Statement from the Sumpul Association – 40th anniversary

The Sumpul Association released a statement a couple of days ago regarding the upcoming 40th anniversary of the Sumpul River massacre. You can read it in full here (in Spanish)   40 years of impunity have passed and justice has been denied to victims and survivors of the Sumpul River Massacre. We aspire to a […]

Conmemorando Las Aradas / Sumpul River massacre – Commemoration in 2020

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Every year, our friends in Chalatenango commemorate the Sumpul River massacre, also known as “Las Aradas” (the name of the village where these people were living). This year, due to the pandemic, they invite us to commemorate its 40th anniversary virtually. They invite us to read testimonies, watch videos and learn […]

Remains from La Vega have returned to Arcatao

The bodies of Angelino López, Maximiliano Henríquez and Maria Santos Abrego have returned to Arcatao. They were murdered by the army in La Vega village (Cantón La Vega) on june 3rd, 1982. This is what “Diario El Mundo” published about it: The remains of three victims of the armed conflict were handed over today to […]

Why we shouldn’t ask Bukele to veto the Reconciliation Law

Last night ARENA, PDC and PCN voted in favor of a new amnesty law, “The Reconciliation Law”. One of the main criticism to this law is “that it allows judges to significantly commute sentences for reasons of health or age, or because alleged perpetrators collaborate“.  President Bukele has said he plans to veto it. Nevertheless, […]

Las Anonas’ photo album – El Album de Las Anonas

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Joan Brooks, head of the Philadelphia – Las Anonas committee first came to El Salvador in 1990 and she knew she wanted to come back. Once she did, she created a photo album of Las Anonas de Santa Cruz. The album has an interesting introduction but I wanted to know more. […]

Historic photos from Mesa Grande

(EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO)   Every August, Teosinte commemorates its anniversary of repatriation. During last year’s celebration, they showed some videos and photos showcasing the lives of refugees in the camp of Mesa Grande (Honduras). This, with the purpose of sharing this with new generations and making sure that they don’t forget what those who founded […]

The story of San Jose Las Flores

We currently think of “popular education” as an educational approach that has the purpose of awakening people’s minds, raising awareness and driving their organizational process. During the war, El Salvador had its own popular educators. Their main purpose was sharing with others the basic knowledge they already had. You can learn more about that and […]

Former soldiers of the Atlacatl Batalion testify against their superior in El Mozote trial

(LEA LA NOTICIA COMPLETA AQUÍ)   “You’re going to ask me about the El Mozote massacre, in Morazán, on december 1981”, said “Juan”, hidden behind a wooden screen and through a device that changed his voice. The two former soldiers declare under a pseudonym and their identities are only known by the prosecution and the […]