Promoting historic memory

The United States has a long history of intervening in Latin America. One reason activists and organizers in the U.S. and El Salvador founded US-El Salvador Sister Cities was to pressure the United States to withdraw support to the Salvadoran military regime. We believe it is important to remember this history to avoid repeating mistakes and to better understand our current challenges.

We aim to connect our shared histories to our current reality. We believe in sharing history with younger generations all over the world so they can understand the origin of current issues such as displacement, migration, inequality and violence.

Sister Cities also contributes to the commemoration of some massacres in Chalatenango and San Vicente. We invite you to read our posts with the hashtag “historic memory”.

Email us if you are interested in sharing the history of El Salvador in the U.S. or if you want to join our historic memory monthly calls.


You can watch some videos on our Youtube channel